RotoHeat member Bill Zutell posed an interesting question in the Facebook group recently, seeking some guidance on how a blended rankings of the 2019 and 2020 rookie classes may look. Having just recently put out my “redo” of the 2019 rookie draft, I attempted to then pepper in where these incoming 2020 rookies may slot in a blended 2019/2020 Dynasty Rookie Rankings.

The Process

The exercise was much more difficult than I anticipated, but it did require me to go back to my Dynasty Rankings and revisit them to ensure they were up to date. I found myself putting a draft slot to a name to determine where I should slot some rookies – for example, as I have D’Andre Swift as my top rookie for this season, I started asking myself “would I trade Josh Jacobs/A.J. Brown/D.K. Metcalf/etc. for the 1.01? Once I heard an internal ‘yes,’ I moved to the next 2020 rookie in my rankings and asked the same question.

Note, I made these rankings without the benefit of knowing the landing spot or draft capital of any of these incoming rookies. As such, they are slotted in as an educated guess at this point, and I do anticipate the list changing a bit at the end of April. For the time being, they are being ranked almost exclusively based on talent, whereas the 2019 rookies are being evaluated against their talent as well as their current team/role. Without further adieu, here are the results.

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The Results

Overall RankNameClass – My Rank
1Josh Jacobs2019 – RB1
2A.J. Brown2019 – WR1
3D.K. Metcalf2019 – WR2
4D’Andre Swift2020- RB1
5J.K. Dobbins2020 – RB2
6CeeDee Lamb2020 – WR1
7Jerry Jeudy2020 – WR2
8Miles Sanders2019 – RB2
9Devin Singletary2019 – RB3
10Cam Akers2020 – RB3
11Jonathan Taylor2020 – RB4
12N’Keal Harry2019 – WR3
13Deebo Samuel2019 – WR4
14Terry McLaurin2019 – WR5
15Jalen Reagor2020 – WR3
16Tee Higgins2020 – WR4
17Noah Fant2019 – TE1
18T.J. Hockenson2019 – TE2
19Clyde Edwards-Helaire2020 – RB5
20Diontae Johnson2019 – WR6
21Kyler Murray2019 – QB1
22Marquise Brown2019 – WR7
23Joe Burrow2020 – QB1
24Mecole Hardman2019 – WR8

Change is Coming

As I mentioned before, we have no idea where these 2020 rookies will be playing yet. Some will end up in extremely fantasy friendly situations, others will not. This will be a list to revisit AFTER the NFL Draft and update at that time, but in the meantime I will be leveraging this chart to help gauge player values as it relates to 2019 players and 2020 picks, and making trade offers accordingly.

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