Dynasty Pulse – Rookie pick trades and value in 2022

The Dynasty Pulse is back, and this time, I’m here give everyone an idea of what rookie draft picks are currently worth. Not in terms of a numerical value, like a trade calculator or trade value chart, but in terms of actual rookie pick trades. I will be looking at five trades and give my impression of the trades, and the value of said trades.

Some people have already finished their dynasty rookie drafts, but this is just a good thing. It can help provide us with information, that can help fantasy managers who have yet to do any rookie drafts, or just have not begun drafting in every single one of their leagues.

The idea here is for the community to gauge what type of value the various picks have in terms of trade value so that this information can be used for actional trades, that will help improve fantasy managers’ rosters.

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All of these trades are from the RotoHeat community, so thank you for providing me with some “material” for others to see and for me to go through! Let us have a look at some rookie pick trades!

Trade #1 (12-Team, SF, PPR)

Team 1 received 1.10

Team 2 received 2023 1st, 2023 3rd

I have to say, I am not a huge fan of this one. Trading a 2023 1st, even a late one, is not something I like, regardless of who was selected with the 1.10.

The 2023 draft class is shaping up to be quite strong, especially at Quarterback and Running Back, but also with a few top Wide Receiver prospects in there and possibly even a very good Tight End. My tier-break for the 2022 class in SuperFlex is after the 1.01 and the 1.08.

Right now, I am convinced that any player you take in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft is going to be in the same tier talent-wise as any player taken from the 1.02 to the 1.08 in 2022.

With that being said, I can understand if someone is high on a player still available at 1.10 (probably Skyy Moore), and you want to win now, why this move would make sense.

Trade #2 (12-Team, 1QB, IDP)

Team 1 received 1.2, 2.2

Team 2 received Josh Jacobs, Adam Thielen, 1.7

This is a trade I love for Team 2. Given that Team 2 acquired Adam Thielen, I’m guessing that team is in win-now mode. Trading back from the 1.2 to the 1.7 keeps you in the same talent tier that I described in the previous trade, but you acquire Josh Jacobs and make an almost lateral move from 2.2 to Adam Thielen (for a win-now team).

I really like the trade because Team 2 was able to essentially acquire 3 starters, for one starter and perhaps, at worst, Jahan Dotson if he falls a bit or an IDP player. That’s a win for Team 2 in my book.

Dynasty Pulse – Rookie pick trades and value
Dynasty Pulse – Rookie pick trades and value

Trade #3 (12-Team, SF)

Team 1 received Jameis Winston, Christian Kirk, 2.10, 3.10

Team 2 received 1.02

This is a very interesting trade. On the surface, I would prefer the 1.02, because there is no major piece on the other side of the trade. However, this is a perfect example of some SuperFlex leagues, where everyone is hungry for starting quarterbacks. This helps drive their price up, which seems to be the case in this trade.

As a result, we see Jameis Winston fetch quite a bit more than what we would normally see in most leagues. These leagues absolutely exist and knowing your league is so important. Being able to take advantage of information like this could be the difference between winning a championship or not. Great job by Team 2 here.

If you are in a league where managers are starving for a position, go take advantage! On the other end, make sure you don’t overpay even for a position of need.

Trade #4 (12-Team, 1QB, Half-PPR)

Team 1 received 1.05, 2023 4th

Team 2 received Saquon Barkley, 2023 3rd

I think this is a very fair trade! Saquon is extremely hard to pinpoint right now, due to several injuries over the past 2 seasons. If Barkley hits his upside, he is easily outperforming the value of a 1.05 rookie pick.

On the other hand, if we see more of the Saquon we have seen in the past two seasons, then the 1.05 is the best asset in this trade. Only time will tell.

Trade #5 (12-Team, SF, Half-PPR)

Team 1 received 1.06, Marquez Valdes-Scantling

Team 2 received 2023 1st, Darnell Mooney

I have to say I love this trade for Team 2. Although 1.06 and MSV likely helps Team 1 improve for the 2022 season, the value is definitely found on the 2023 1st + Mooney side. Mooney is a better asset than MVS currently is, as he is both younger, and is going to see more targets as the Bears’ #1 WR.

Even if the 23 pick becomes late first round, I believe you are getting a player that is similar, talent-wise, to whoever is picked at 1.06, just because of how much deeper the 2023 class is shaping up to be, and because several QBs are likely to be taken in the first round, pushing down some of the talented RBs and WRs in 2023.

I hope this article gives some insight into what 2022 rookie draft picks are currently worth so that you can apply this information in your leagues and get some trades done.

Thank you for reading Dynasty Pulse – Rookie pick trades and value in 2022

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