Dynasty Fantasy Football Never Sleeps: 5 Assets to Buy This Offseason

Running Back J.K. Dobbins Fantasy Football Dynasty Asset to Buy
Dynasty fantasy football managers should not forget about J.K. Dobbins, who should return with a vengeance in 2022!

The Key to Dynasty Fantasy Football: Always Look for Value and Buy Low Candidates

In trying to make our dynasty fantasy football teams better, we should always be looking to accrue value. Of course, we all dream about adding big-name players who broke out last year like Johnathan Taylor and Ja’Marr Chase to our teams; however, it is highly unlikely that such players would ever be made available, and if they were, the asking price would be exorbitantly high. In the same vein, unheralded players like Gabriel Davis, Devin Singletary, Darnell Mooney, and Michael Carter performed well the last we saw them, so their values have risen and in some cases been inflated (now is not the time to go after such players).

Hence, the smart play here is to look for players whose value is currently lower than normal (due to their situations and/or any injuries they might have suffered last year) and examine their potential to rebound back into form next season. As we know, the NFL is fluid and has a lot of moving parts; clearly, things will change depending on if (and where) players move, which players (and positions) teams draft, etc. Bearing these things in mind, presently, I would like to propose the following 5 assets to buy in fantasy football dynasty leagues:

5. Start Accumulating those 2023 Draft Picks

While these things do not always unfold as we expect, the 2023 NFL rookie draft is generating a lot of buzz right now. The QBs, TEs, and especially the RBs make this potentially one of the better classes we have seen in a while. In comparison, the 2022 draft class has good depth at WR but is weak at TE, a crapshoot at QB, and quite top-heavy at RB.

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4. J.K. Dobbins

I wonder if managers have forgotten what an up-and-comer Dobbins was thought to be before his injury. If this list were longer, I would also add Travis Etienne, who, like Dobbins, is a very talented, young RB that got derailed by injury; Dobbins makes the list over Etienne simply because he has already had a year to showcase his skills in the NFL.

3. Allen Robinson 

Allen Robinson had always been a dynamic WR and very reliable fantasy producer (even without a bona fide QB throwing him the ball) until it all came crashing down this season. Still, there is optimism moving forward, as Robinson, who played on the franchise tag last season, will likely be taking his talents elsewhere. The key to getting him cheap is to try to acquire him before he signs on with a team that has a good QB.

2. Saquon Barkley

Yes, I know he has been incredibly injury prone the last few seasons, but when he plays, he still puts up numbers (and dude is still only 24 years old). Depending on how disgruntled his manager is in your league, you might be able to get him for pennies on the dollar.

1. Christian McCaffery

Basically, the blurb about Saquon above could be copied here (though CMC, who is a year older, is in a tier unto himself). How often do you get a chance to add the number one player in dynasty fantasy football at a reasonable cost? 

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The king of dynasty fantasy football has something to prove in 2022!

Honorable Mentions: WR Josh Palmer or TE Tre McKitty with Chargers, and TE Hunter Long with Dolphins are worth a look. Based on their limited production to date, none of them possess much value at the moment; however, they could be in for much larger roles in their offenses next year if things break right. Similarly, it would be worth monitoring where Cowboys FA WRs Michael Gallup and Cedrick Wilson end up. They are fairly young and have both proven that they can play–now it just comes down to them potentially getting into a more favorable situation, which offers them more opportunities that come with a larger role in the offense.

Further, for a retrospective analysis, I would recommend going back in time and taking a peek at Matt Brown’s intriguing list of 18 players to buy for your dynasty fantasy football rebuild, which was published in October of 2021: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Until now, I have been focused on trying to identify the buy-low opportunities that may exist in dynasty fantasy football leagues in 2022. The next logical pursuit is to go deeper into the fantasy football dynasty abyss and ponder which players may have peaked and are now sell-high candidates. With that in mind, I leave you with a recently published article by Brandon Blanco that examines this very topic.

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