Six members of the RotoHeat team came together to answer some of the biggest questions of the offseason. We bought or sold 13 separate takes and are releasing one per day. We submitted our answers individually so we were not influenced by others’ opinions. Please comment on your takes below. We would love to hear your opinions.

*All questions are based on ppr formats.

Rob Sullivan: BUY

Call me crazy, but I can see it.  Melvin Gordon will find that the open market is no friendlier than the Chargers were when he was holding out last season.  Gordon is entering his age 27 season with 1283 total touches and one 1000 yard rushing season in his 5 seasons. I do not see teams lining up for this back during free agency, especially if he’s seeking the type of contract he was a year ago.  The other key component to this scenario for me is the Chargers desire to add veteran QB Tom Brady. Tom Brady loves his veterans–guys he can trust. I believe that Brady wants the Chargers almost as much as they want Brady. The Chargers also have two tags at their disposal this off-season.  The franchise tag would cost them $10,372,000. Gordon would love that; the Chargers would not. The transition tag at $8,560,000 is also a stretch, but it’s an option if need be. If TB12 wants Gordon in his backfield, then Gordon will be in his backfield. Since I believe Brady will be the Chargers QB, and that he will want Flash in his backfield, I have to buy this one.

Rick Butts: SELL

 I think that bridge was burnt last season.  Despite fantasy success, Gordon hasn’t been an efficient real life back outside of 2018.  I think both parties look to new opportunities.

Taylor Cornell: SELL

I think with Ekeler being a restricted free agent, the Chargers will try to keep him over MGIII, as he is two years younger and offers much more upside in the passing game with his ability to catch and run.  According to Spotrac’s market value tool, they expect both Ekeler and Gordon to potentially command about $12 mil annually, and if the salary numbers are comparable, I believe Austin Ekeler will be deemed the more valuable back to keep.

Buy/Sell:Melvin Gordon plays in LA for the 2020 season 1

Sean Coffey: BUY

With the Chargers looking to move on from Philip Rivers, they could also look to move on from Gordon as well. However, the Rams have made it clear that they are trying to move Gurley. If they can, who better to replace Gurley on the Rams then Gordon, who could contribute on the ground and in the passing game. 

Craig Bullock: SELL

Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell have pretty much assured that Gordon will never get the kind of contract he wanted when he decided to hold out at the beginning of last season. Assuming that no team will break the bank for his services, MGIII should be more interested in chasing rings than a payday. The LA Chargers, with no obvious starting QB, are not a contender. Gordon plays somewhere else in 2020. 

Mike Altman: SELL

Gordon came on the CBS podcast last week and stated that there were no hard feelings between him and the Chargers, but I am not buying it. I believe L.A. pays Austin Ekeler and brings in another complementary back like Jordan Howard. One thing Gordon said that I do believe is that he wants to lead the backfield and not split touches. Gordon will not get the money he wants, but will sign a decent contract on a contending team. I believe that team is the Houston Texans, and they have 56 million dollars of cap space and a need for a three-down back.

Consensus: 4-2 (Sell)

Check back tomorrow when we discuss the buy/sell options of the Kansas City running backs. Make sure you post your takes below. We love to hear your thoughts.