Rob Sullivan: SELL

I have to say that I am the resident RotoHeat truther when it comes to Jarvis Landry.  Simply put, I love the guy, but come on…let’s get real. OBJ played the 2019 season with a sports hernia where he still posted a line of 74/1035/4.  Landry was 83/1174/6 last season. Additionally, Beckham was in his first year with Baker Mayfield, and chemistry takes time. Just ask Jarvis and compare his first season to his second.  Freddie Kitchens was lost last season. Kevin Stefanski and Alex Van Pelt are a major upgrade. The entire Browns offense will be better, and OBJ will return to the top 5 at WR where he belongs. 

Rick Butts: SELL

OBJ just finished with 1,000+ yards playing with a sports hernia in his first year with the team.  Baker played poorly, and I expect that to improve under competent NFL coaching. OBJ bounces back, and ups his TD numbers and everyone forgets how “poorly” 2019 was from a fantasy perspective.

Taylor Cornell: BUY

 I still would rather have OBJ as a dynasty asset because I believe his ceiling is significantly higher than Landry’s, but I think both Browns receivers will have great 2020 campaigns and produce solid numbers. With that being said, I think the edge goes to Landry based on the fact that he has played every game the last three seasons, and on a per-game basis rivaled OBJ’s numbers from 2017-2019, averaging 5.8/65.4/0.4 (compared to 5.5/74.7/0.4 for Beckham).

Sean Coffey: SELL

 Beckham claims to have been hurt during the 2019 season. Another off season preparing with Baker Mayfield should help OBJ’s stats improve in 2020. There should be more plays designed for OBJ, and he should outperform Landry.

Craig Bullock: SELL

Talent always wins out. The Browns continued to do Browns things in 2019, but there is way too much talent on that team for them to be awful again. If Cleveland can start to perform anywhere near their potential, OBJ will have a monster season and will be a top 5 pick in all drafts headed into 2021. 

Mike Altman: SELL

Under Kevin Stefanski, I have to believe the Browns offense looks like an actual NFL offense. I heard multiple reports that Kitchens practice and game execution never matched and OBJ and others were frustrated with the play calling. We also can’t forget about Beckhams nagging hip injury. I am not saying that OBJ is a top-12 receiver, but I am saying the Browns figure it out and actually use their best wide receiver. 

Consensus: 5-1 (SELL)

Check back tomorrow when we discuss the once fantasy darling, JuJu Smith-Schuster.

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