As we inch closer and closer to the NFL Draft, we are hearing all sorts of news and notes trickle out of the front offices, as teams try to lock up guys and tie up loose ends before Thursday night.

new england patriots wide receiver josh gordon heads off the field picture

Josh Gordon signed his restricted free agent tender, which doesn’t necessarily mean a whole lot at this point in the offseason. Gordon in theory is telling the Patriots he will play for them if he is even allowed to play this season. We know the talent he has when on the field, unfortunately he can’t stay on the field because of personal issues but we wish him the best as he works through them. As a fantasy GM, I’d tell you to steer clear of him if you don’t own him but at this point we’ve all been on this rollercoaster so you have made your mind up on him…

ben roethlisberger of the pittsburgh steelers in action during the picture

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting the Steelers are hoping to lock up Big Ben prior to the draft, so expect big news on that front before Thursday night. Fantasy wise, that keeps Ben relevant for a few more seasons, though with the retirement talk it’s still a year to year basis so be careful if you’re buying him.

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ben garland of the atlanta falcons blocks against the new orleans at picture

49ers sign offensive lineman Ben Garland, could be a huge help for a niners team that needed some help to solidify the line and keep McKinnon and Garappolo upright this fall. The contract is for one year, and at this point in his career would most likely be the case unless things change.

arizona cardinals player patrick peterson walks off the sixteenth picture

Patrick Peterson on the outs in Arizona? We continue to hear trouble brewing between the team and the talented corner, which means you could see a draft night trade that gets Arizona more pieces to build around. This doesn’t mean a whole lot for your fantasy team but your pro team could have a huge boost from this superstar shutdown corner.

robbie gould of the san francisco 49ers kicks during the game against picture

Jonathan Stewart signed a one day deal to retire with the Carolina Panthers, he was a guy that everyone loved and I remember drafting high but never really taking the reigns in Carolina or New York.

Robbie Gould demands trade from the 49ers: Adam Schefters reporting the talented kicker has halted negotiations and demanded a trade.

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