Truth be told, I left my original home league a couple years ago (long story) but some of the other guys that either left or aren’t happy with the direction of it wanted to pull together a “new” home league, so why not (because who doesn’t need more fantasy leagues…?). So this article will break down my IDP Startup that we just wrapped up here recently, and hopefully it either helps you in your startups or gives you some entertaining picks, either way, enjoy!

IDP Startup League Info:

This is my first time using Sleeper to commission a league of mine, so the setup was interesting for sure but its a 14 team, Superflex, TE Premium IDP league, the starting positions are:

1 QB
2 RB/WR/TE Flex
1 QB/RB/WR/TE Flex
2 Defensive lineman
2 Linebackers
2 Defensive Backs
1 IDP Flex
19 Bench Spots and 10 Taxi Squad Spots

On the scoring side we have: Four points for passing touchdowns, you lose points for throwing interceptions, pick sixes, six points for rushing/receiving touchdowns, six points for IDP touchdowns, five points for sacks, 1.5 for tackles, three for tackles for loss, five points for an interception, two for a fumble recovery, six for a safety and three for a pass defended (so some stronger IDP settings to try and balance scoring).

IDP Startup Rounds 1-14

IDP Startup
As you can see, I picked from the 9 spot…

Typically, if you watch our Monday night IDP show, I’ll tell you rookie drafts don’t start taking IDPs until the middle of round 2, and for a startup late round 5 or 6 to start drafting IDPs. This league, you will see likes to grab defense just a littler earlier than I’d like, so I waited until the seventh round, and still took players that I loved whom fell to me.

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In my opinion, the league slept on Chase Young and Brian Burns, both of whom I grabbed in back to back rounds, what I couldn’t tell is if they just looked at the BPA and drafted based on Sleepers recommendations, or if they had a list (or even used our rankings here on RotoHeat). You see they believed the best value was jumping on linebackers and defensive ends early, where we see Jeremy Chinn the first DB taken in round 7, after multiple LBs and DLs.

IDP Startup Rounds 15-29

IDP Startup
Alot of youth with potential…

Once we got past the first 14 rounds, I began to shift my attention to the younger guys with either question marks or potential to breakout, taking Chark, Marshall, Duvernay, Vaughn, Edwards, Murray and Jones. At this point in the draft, I began to think about what I wanted to target in the rookie draft, because my linebackers were ok but not spectacular (I’ll get to the rookie draft in the next article, spoiler alert I didn’t follow my plan).

You’ll see some guys reach a bit or target cornerbacks, even though they were told that corners may not carry nearly as much value in this format. The one saving grace that may help them is the way we score pass breakups, as most of my leagues don’t give as many points for that but for instance, in 2021 JC Jackson from New England had 23, so there’s 69 points before anything else.

The tougher thing is to predict which corners are going to provide you startable potential, in 2021, only 10 corners gave you 15 or more passes defended and those that gave you more also only got you in the range of 50-81 combined tackles (thanks Pro-Football-Reference for data!).

All that being said, seeing guys like Jeff Okudah and Asante Samuel Jr. taken in this range was very surprising, as my approach is going to be to leave all cornerbacks on the waiver wire, and if the emergency arises that I need to grab one, rotate them in week to week, based on matchups.

IDP Startup Finale!

IDP Startup
The end is near!

So the thirty five rounds of IDP goodness comes to a close, with all sorts of randomness and I even take a N’Keal Harry share lol. Because my linebackers aren’t insanely strong, I took some shots here later on guys that are young or in new places like Rashaan Evans in Atlanta, hoping that he even gets close to what Foyesade Oluokun did last season would be huge to get as my last pick.

When you’re in the midst of your drafts, it’s always great to have a board, what I’ve seen over the years it’s best to not stress out if a run of players (offensive or defensive) happens and you miss “your guy”. You can either A: take a younger guy with potential a little later or B: go make a trade after the dust settles and managers are evaluating their rosters (remember, trading makes fantasy fun!).

At the end of the day, as long as you love the team your building, or are at least happy with what you’ve done, I call that a win! Nothings ever perfect but your roster should always be open to change, your championship team from last year may not stay that way for long even if you don’t make trades!

Thanks for checking out my IDP Startup!

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