2021 NFL Predictions for Division, Wild Card & Super Bowl Winners


The season is finally here and the RotoHeat team has their 2021 NFL Predictions for you! If you are looking to put a little coin down on division winners, wild cards, or Super Bowl winners, 11 of our analysts put their heads together for a little group think to help you out.

2021 NFL Predictions

For each division, we will show who the 11 analysts voted for. For Wild Cards, we eliminated division winners or higher seeded wild cards from the votes. Division winner tiebreaker was the team with the most Wild Card votes and Wild Card tie-breakers was the team with the most division winner votes.

AFC West: Chiefs


AFC West Votes:

Chiefs: 10

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Chargers: 1

AFC East: Bills

2021 NFL Predictions: Bills

AFC East Votes:

Bills: 9

Patriots: 1

Dolphins: 1

AFC North: Browns

2021 NFL Predictions: Browns

AFC North Votes:

Browns: 6

Ravens: 4

Steelers: 1

AFC South: Titans


AFC South Votes:

Titans: 6

Colts: 5

AFC Wild Card #1: Chargers

2021 NFL Predictions: Chargers

AFC Wild Card #1 Votes:

Chargers: 3
Dolphins: 1
Ravens: 1

AFC Wild Card #2: Ravens

2021 NFL Predictions: Ravens

AFC Wild Card #2 Votes

Ravens: 2

Dolphins: 1

Broncos: 1

AFC Wild Card #3: Steelers

2021 NFL Predictions: Steelers

AFC Wild Card #3 Votes:

Steelers: 2

Patriots: 1

Raiders: 1

Colts: 1

Dolphins: 1

NFC West: Seahawks

2021 NFL Predictions: Seahawks

NFC West Votes:

Seahawks: 4

Rams: 4

Cardinals: 2

NFC East: Football Team

2021 NFL Predictions: Football Team

NFC East Votes:

Football Team: 7

Cowboys: 3

Giants: 1

NFC North: Packers

2021 NFL Predictions: Packers

NFC North Votes:

Packers: 9

Bears: 2

NFC South: Buccaneers

2021 NFL Predictions: Buccaneers

NFC South Votes:

Buccaneers: 11

The only unanimous division winner.

NFC Wild Card #1: 49ers


NFC Wild Card #1 Votes:

49ers: 4

Cowboys: 2

Rams: 1

NFC Wild Card #2: Cowboys


NFC Wild Card #2 Votes:

Cowboys: 1

Bears: 1

Vikings: 1

NFC Wild Card #3: Cardinals

2021 NFL Predictions: Cardinals

NFC Wild Card #3 Votes:

Cardinals: 3

Rams: 1

Eagles: 1

Bears: 1

Super Bowl Champion Prediction: Kansas City Chiefs


Super Bowl Winner Votes:

Chiefs: 4

Buccaneers: 2

Packers: 2

Bills: 1

Chargers: 1

Browns: 1


2021 NFL Predictions

2021 NFL Predictions: Conclusion

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