One of the biggest questions that everyone has leading into the season is, “How do I approach 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management?”

For me personally, this question is not so simple. Every individual player has a different goal for the 2020 NFL DFS season and that is very pivotal point in this discussion. Have you set a goal for this season? Have you set an amount that you are willing to wager for the season or per week? Before you go any further, answer those questions for yourself.

The amount that you choose does not matter, but it is important for building out your 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management plan. For more tips on getting ready for 2020, you can read my “Top 5 Tips for NFL DFS” article now.

2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management

Now that you have your bankroll set, let’s talk about how to manage that from a week-to-week basis. First, if you set a yearly bankroll, you are not going to want to play more than 10-15% of that on any given week/slate. If you are the type of person that would rather deposit weekly, you can play that entire budget, but the principles of how we are going to allocate the spending will be the same.

While the amount doesn’t matter, the more you play will give you more leeway on what you can enter. But you should never feel like you need to go above what you have allocated. Play within your means and be responsible. Losing your bill money is less important than playing DFS every week.

Allocating Your NFL DFS Bankroll

For the purpose of this section of the article, we are just going to talk about the weekly expenditure of your bankroll. So, whether you are playing 10% of a season long budget or your weekly input, you will want to follow these guidelines as closely as possible.

80/20/10 is our Foundation

What is 80/20/10? These are the amounts that we are going to dedicate to different types of contests.

80% = Cash Games or H2H’s/Double Ups/50-50’s/Triple Ups, etc.
20% = 100 Man’s or GPP’s (Tournaments)
10% = Weekly Expenditure of Overall Budget (For those that have a season-long budget)

Contest Selection for our 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan

As you see above, Cash Games should be the large majority of your 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management plan. The idea here is to keep you in the game as long as possible with easier to win contests. That being said, there are some things you want to look out for when entering these contests.

For those with smaller bankrolls, I would concentrate more on Double Ups & 50-50’s than H2H’s as you want to be able to play a wide range of opponents in H2H’s to realize your equity. For example, if you play one opponent, you could lose. If you play 50 opponents, your score could still be good enough to beat the other 49.

2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan

H2H Contests

H2H or “Head-to-Head” contests are great for players that are playing with a larger budget because you can diversify your opponent pool and give yourself a chance to not only win all or the majority of your contests with a dominating lineup, but you can actually retain some of your entries with a poor score, as other opponents will also likely have low scores. Basically, to get scooped, you will have to perform multiple deviations under the mean score.

Double Ups & 50-50’s

Not all Double Ups & 50-50’s are created equally. With smaller budgets, I highly recommend that you enter the “Single Entry”, large field contests first. This will ensure that you are not putting a single lineup in vs. large bankroll players that are multi-entering 20+ lineups, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Triple Ups & Quintuple Ups

A lot of times, the overall score that you see winning these contests is not much higher than double ups. On your good weeks, you can win at all levels and quickly build your bankroll if you are following along.

100-Man Contests (or around there)

We all want to enter something that gives us a substantial opportunity of actually winning some good cash. That is where the rush kicks in and we realize some of our DFS potential. While we may love the $1,000,000 first place of the Milly Maker, we want to prioritize contests that are realistically winnable, and that starts with 100-man contests.

GPP Tournaments

The juiciest of all DFS contests, GPP’s give us the chance to win a large amount of money off of a small buyin. Realistically, it is very unlikely to take down a 150,000 person tournament, but there are some great options for those that do not have the bankroll to mass-enter these large field tournaments.

Single Entry Tournaments

These would be my first priority for smaller bankrolls. Rather than spending the money to enter a 20-max entry tournament with 200,000 entries, use that money to enter a single-entry contest with 1,000 entries. You are on an even playing field with the competition and it is not unthinkable for your lineup to beat 999 other entries.

Three-Max Contests

This is a step up from Single Entry contests and allows you to diversify your entries, while still being on a equal playing field.

Mass-Multi Entry Contests

These contests I would reserve for larger bankrolls or I would at least stay away from the ones that have super large fields (100,000 +) as they are just super hard to win and you will find yourself losing more often than not. Give yourself a chance to win contests and maintain that bankroll.

Implementing Our 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan

While looking at the list above, they are basically ranked from most important to least important for our 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan. So how do we implement these contests into our plan?

Depending on your bankroll, I would start with playing H2H’s or Double Ups with 50% of your weekly budget. Depending on what your budget is, I would probably skip H2H’s unless you can play a minimum of 25, but 50+ would be ideal. By building your base off of these contests, if you win here, but lose above, you can maintain your weekly budget.

After that, I like to allocate about 20% to triple-ups and 10% to quintuple ups, 10% to 100-man’s and then 10% to GPP’s, prioritizing single entry and 3-max contests first.

For visual sake;

Base (50%): H2H’s or Double Ups
2nd Tier: Double Ups or Triple Ups (Depending on your starting bankroll and what you have on the base)
3rd Tier: Quintuple Ups
4th Tier: 100-Man’s
5th Tier: Larger Field GPP’s (Prioritizing Single Entry & 3-Max for smaller bankrolls)

2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan: Conclusion

Listen, if we are being realistic, each person is going to have a different 2020 NFL DFS Bankroll Management Plan that they are comfortable with and not only that, but enjoy implementing. I am sharing with you how I will be approaching this season. If you want to see more DFS Content, make sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, Check out the great tools over at DFS Army & Use Promo Code “Pyromaniacs” for 20% off a VIP Membership.

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